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Teaching of IslamInsha-Allah (God Willing), by visiting Teaching of Islam website often, you’ll get the opportunity to learn about Islam, the final Abrahamic religion that is followed by over 1.6 billion worldwide, and the Oneness of Allah (SWT).

At a very young age, I learned that Islam is not a religion for the Muslims only but for all mankind and for anybody who wishes to accept that there is only One Creator, The Sustainer,  One Just Judge and believe in all the Prophets (PBUT) sent by One God (Allah – SWT), that Isa (Jesus – PBUH) is not His begotten son.

However, before you continue reading about Islam on teachingofislam.com, there are two important points I want to make about me that are imperative for you to understand and keep in mind – And they are:

  • I am not claiming to be an Islamic Scholar nor pretending to be one
  • I am not trying to revert you to Islam

Only Allah (SWT) is The All-Knowing
And Only Allah (SWT) Guides Whom He Pleases


Let me re-iterate what I said earlier about my goal for creating teachingofislam.com so you know what to expect by reading the site’s content.

With too many biased and incorrect information about this religion of peace on the Internet and in the media, I want to make learning about Islam easy.

As a Muslim, I am required to share knowledge, be it about Islam or about other things that are beneficial to my fellow human beings I call my brothers and sisters (not just Muslims, but everyone, without regard to their religious belief).

When I meet my Creator, Allah (SWT) and we’re all going to meet Him, there is a question, from many, I am going to be asked by my Creator and it is…

What did you do with the knowledge I gave you?

God willing, I want my answer to be…

I shared it with everyone I knew and anyone who asked including the ones that didn’t.

Note that I used the word ‘knowledge’ above and there is a reason for that. The questions Allah (SWT) will ask will not only be related to the message of Islam, but also questions that affect and benefit the whole of humanity.

My main purpose for creating Teaching of Islam website is to share with you the Islamic beliefs my parents taught me (as a kid and a teenager) about one of the wonderful teachings of Islam (Abrahamic religions), the religion of peace, plus from further Islamic studies I took later on as an adult.


Montesquieu said (Proverb) the following regarding knowledge:

il faut avoir beaucoup étudié pour savoir peu

What I understood from Montesquieu’s above proverb is…

No matter how much knowledge you acquire or think you have, you still know only a tiny bit (a micron).

So again, am I claiming to know everything there is to know about Islam? No I am not claiming such thing nor that I know everything there is to know about Islam.

What I know is what Allah (SWT) blessed me with, plus the knowledge I sought-after.

What is Islam and who is it for?

Ask a simple question about Islam such as ‘what is Islam’ and you’ll get different answers such as:

  • Islam was spread by the sword
  • Islam teaches hate and terror’

The above are misconceptions and mostly spread by the media and people who didn’t take the time to grab and read the Quran, visit a Mosque and ask an Imam (Muslim leader) and then ponder over the answer and end up with the truth about Islam.

Getting any knowledge from just about anything and from anyone and take everything they say is not the right approach nor should you accept it and take it as the truth.

Again, if you really want to learn about Islam, the best place to do so is to visit a Mesjid (Mosque) and ask an Imam, and not the media or get your knowledge from YouTube videos and websites that just want to divide us and create hatred.

God in Islam (Allah – SWT)

The concept of God in Islam was and still is the same concept conveyed by Isa (Jesus – PBUH), Musa (Moses) and Ibrahim (Abraham) Peace Upon Them All (PBUT), and other Prophets (PBUT) before them such as Adam (PBUH), the first prophet.

I will talk in details about the conception of God and its Oneness, Insha-Allah.

The Prophets of Islam

Many people believe that Islam and Muslims don’t believe in other Prophets beside Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS). This concept by many people is not true because in order to be a Muslim, believing in all the Prophets of Allah (SWT) sent before Muhammad (SAAWS) is a requirement.

Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS) was what we call in Arabic ‘Khatam Al-Anbiya’ (The Last Prophet). When we use the word ‘Khatam’ in Arabic, it means that Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS) was the final, or the seal of all prophets. This means that God (Allah – SWT) will not send another prophet.

Isa (Jesus – PBUH)

In order to be a Muslim, it is imperative that you not only believe in Isa (Jesus – PBUH), but also in His mother, Mariem (The Virgin Mary), plus the belief that Jesus (PBUH) will one day descend, by the will of Allah (SWT) to bring peace with Him, and much more.

When I said that Allah (SWT) will not send another prophet, I was not contradicting myself because Allah (SWT) has already sent Jesus (PBUH), but then he was lifted to be with his Creator, Allah (SWT) to come back again at a later time that only Allah (SWT) knows.

Insha-Allah, I’ll be talking about Isa (Jesus – PBUH) in details throughout Teaching of Islam website.

Women in Islam

Many people say that Muslim women have no rights and that are slaves to men. This is actually NOT TRUE.

If you read the Quran (a good translation) and the Ahadith (saying of the Prophet Muhammad – SAAWS) plus read about His Sunnah, which are the transmitted records of the sayings, deeds and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS), you’ll learn that:

  • Allah (SWT) mentions women’s right many times in the Quran
  • Women got their rights 1400 years ago, and not in the 60s
  • Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS) thought us to treat women with respect and that a man is not better than a woman except by their piety

I’ll also be talking about the Mesjid etiquettes in Islam, how to treat your neighbor and how Islam sees women, and how Muslims should treat animals and people of different religious beliefs, and so on.


Islamic knowledge, or learning about Islam, its tenants and commandment (laws) are one of many important aspects of Islam and sharing that knowledge with people of all faiths is a must for when you are standing before Allah on Judgement Day and you are asked ‘Did you convey the message of Islam?’, you’ll be able to say to your Creator that you’ve shared the knowledge of Islam He bestowed upon you.

Plus, when you’re asked by Allah The Almighty about your God, about Islam and the last Prophet (PBUH), by the will and Mercy of Allah (SWT), the answers will come flowing out of your mouth as easy as a breeze is gently caressing a tree leaf.

Teaching of Islam

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