Reverts Stories – Difference between a ‘Revert’, and a ‘Convert’

Here you’ll find stories of “Reverts” that came from other religions such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, etc. to Islam after Allah’s Guidance (SWT) and a brief explanation of the difference between a ‘Revert’, and a ‘Convert’.

Difference Between a “Revert”, and a “Convert”

Please note that the term “Convert” used to describe anyone changing their religious belief, such as Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, ect to Islam is called “Revert”, and NOT “Convert”.

Why you ask?

Very simple…

According to Islam, you (Yes You) were born a Muslim. It is your parent, during your upbringing that instill their belief in you.

Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS) said;

“Every child is born on the ‘Fitra’, natural inclination of Islam (surrender) and it is their parent who raise the child to be a Christian, a Jew or a fire worshiper”

The simple but logical reasoning behind the term ‘Revert’ is;

  1. You were born a Muslim
  2. Then during your upbringing, you’re instilled a belief (religious belief), beside Islam, such as Christianity, Judaism, and so on, by your parent
  3. If Allah (SWT) wills it and guides you toward the truth (and I pray that He does), you revert back to the original ‘Fitra’ – belief/religion which is Islam

Why You Should Not Use The Term “Convert”

When you use the term “Convert”, the thinking is that you are converting something from its original state, to another/new state.

For example, if you build a motorcycle from scratch, then later on decide to turn it into a Tri-cycle (from the original motorcycle), it is called ‘Converting’ something into something else.

And when you change your mind (i.e. you didn’t like the final results for some reason) and you decide to turn that tri-cycle back into a motorcycle, we call that ‘revert’. Meaning that you reverted the tri-cycle back to its original object/shape, or whatever you might want to call it.

So when someone is blessed by Allah SWT) with His guidance, and goes back to their original state of belief when they were created, which is Islam (remember, according to Islam, every human being was created a Muslim), the proper way of stating what happened is that he/she reverted to Islam (reverted back to Islam).

Use Any Term Properly – As It Should Be Used

If you want to learn about Islam, you should always seek the help of a religious person such as an Imam (at the Mesjid), and not just any book written by just any author where many Quranic verses (or terms) were inaccurately translated from Arabic into English, or any other language.

Let’s take ‘Jihad’ for example…

I’ve read many books regarding Islam (by many author – especially non-Muslim and very biased) and in most of them, I found many poor translation of the word ‘Jihad’.

Many authors, especially non-Muslim translate the word ‘Jihad’ as “Holy War”, which is incorrect. The true and correct translation of the word ‘Jihad’ is “Struggle”. If you read the Quran, you’ll find out that the word ‘Holy War’ doesn’t exist – Nowhere to be found.