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Islam in Reading, PA

Islam and Muslim Community in Reading, Berks County, PA

Looking for Islam in Reading, PA and a place of worship (Mesjid – Mosque) and perform your daily prayers? Then you are in the right place.

Al-Hamdou Lil-Lah, there is a large Muslim community right here in Reading Berks County where Muslims can meet and perform their religious duties and get to know one another.

I remember 30 years ago, Islam in Reading, PA was represented by a very small Muslim community made of about 10 Muslim families.

Each Friday, the small Muslim community would gather at a Muslim family’s home and have our Jumuaa prayer (Friday prayer).

Once the Jumuaa prayer was finished, we would gather in a room large enough to fit everyone and enjoy a discussion about Islam and the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS).

Everyone would bring a dish or two with some sweets from their native country such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Algeria, and India.

The Growth of Islam in Reading, Berks County, PA

Al-Hamdou Lil-Lah (Praise Be To Allah), the Muslim community in Reading, PA – Berks County has grown since the last decade. Unfortunately, I cannot tell you how many Muslims live in Reading, PA and Berks County.

But one thing I know for sure is that the growth of Islam in Reading, PA can be seen when we celebrate the two main Islamic Festival, or Holidays called Eid Al-Fitr, and Eid Al-Ad’ha), where I can count over several hundreds Muslims families.

So if you are visiting Reading, PA and are looking for a place to pray and meet other members of the Berks County Muslim Community, I would recommend visiting the following Islamic Centers in Reading, PA.

Islamic Society of Berks County

Islamic Society of Berks County (ISBC) was formed in September 2010 to provide Islamic education and infrastructures to Berks County, Pennsylvania’s Muslim communities.

Part of the Islamic Society of Berks County’s goals is to build lasting Islamic Institutions that enhances the standing of the Islamic communities in Berks County area.

The ISBC also provide religious Islamic programs such as Sunday School where our young Muslim children learn Arabic, Islam and its history, and much more.

The Islamic Society of Berks County also has scheduled religious events that focus on strengthening your Iman and promote true understanding of Islam.

The Islamic Society of Berks County Mesjid – Masjid Al-Sabireen is located on 101 W. Windsor Street, Reading, PA 19601.

You can contact the Islamic Society of Berks County at (610) 698-5978

Islamic Center of Reading, PA

If you are interested in learning about Islam, you can also visit the Islamic Center of Reading, PA located at 18 S. Noble Street, Reading, PA 19611.

Islamic Center of Reading, PA’s mission is to serve the religious needs and to provide the Reading Muslim community a place of worship and a center for educational services to its Muslim members in Reading, PA and throughout Berks County.

You can contact the Islamic Center of Reading, PA at (610) 478-1338.

One important thing to note here is that you don’t have to be a Muslim to visit both Islamic Centers of Reading, PA to learn about the religion of Islam.

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Islam and Muslim Community in Reading, Berks County, PA