Who is Allah

The One and Only God

Who is AllahAllah is the Arabic word for God and comes from the Arabic word ‘Ilah’, which means a ‘deity’, ‘god’, ‘divine’.

Then you have the Arabic word ‘al’, which literally means ‘The’. When you put them together, the two words ‘Al’ and ‘Ilah’ become ‘Allah’, which means ‘The God’, or the One Worthy of Worship.

Even though Jews, Christians and Muslims have different concepts of the Almighty God, Muslims worship the same God Adam, Moses, Abraham, Noah, David, and Jesus (Peace Be Upon Them All) worshiped.

Wikipedia defines ‘Allah’ as follow;

Allah is the Arabic word for God in Abrahamic religions. In the English language, the word generally refers to God in Islam. The word is thought to be derived by contraction from alilāh, which means “the god”, and is related to El and Elah, the Hebrew and Aramaic words for God. – More about ‘Allah’ on Wikipedia.

Islam and Muslims reject the belief, or concept of the Trinity because Allah (SWT) said in the Holy Quran that there is only One True God, Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) teaches us, through the Holy Quran, and through Musa (Moses), Ibrahim (Abraham), Isa (Jesus) – Peace Be Upon Them All, and through the Last Prophet, Muhammad (SAAWS) that men have distorted the belief of One Almighty God, Allah (SWT).

Pick up an Arabic Bible and you will see the word ‘Allah’ used for the word ‘God’ found in an English Bible! The word ‘Allah’ cannot be made plural and this is because the word ‘Allah’ is Singular, which goes hand in hand with the Islamic concept of One God.

Note: The word ‘Allah’ also cannot be made feminine because there is no gender in the word itself

Allah in the Aramaic Language spoken by Jesus (PBUH)

If you look at the Aramaic words ‘El’ and ‘Elah’, you will see that ‘El’ means ‘God’ in Aramaic, the language Jesus Christ (PBUH) spoke!

Isn’t the word ‘El’ more similar to the word ‘Allah’ than the word ‘God’? In the Hebrew words for God, you will see the words ‘El’ and ‘Elah’, which is very close to the word ‘Allah’ – And this is because Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic are all Semitic languages sharing common origin.which is the word that the Prophet Jesus (PBUH).

The word ‘Allah’ and its deep religious meaning, or message

The word ‘Allah’ stems from the Arabic verb Ta’allaha, or ‘Alaha’! In Arabic, the word ‘Alaha’ means ‘To Be Worshiped’, or the Only One who deserves to be worshiped’.

Just because the word ‘Allah’ is an Arabic word, it does not mean that it is for Arabs only, or is an Arabian god! Allah is The One god that deserves your worship and if your language has a word that describes ‘One Almighty God’, the Only One that deserves your worship, i.e.: ‘Yahweh’, ‘Dios’. or ‘Dieu’, than be it.

Allah understands all the languages because he is our Creator, and the Creator of the language you use!

Call upon Allah by his Most Beautiful Names

Throughout the Holy Quran, various names of Allah are used such as Al-Rahman, Al-Rahim, and so on! This brought some questions by some Arabs ‘Is this a new God?’.

Allah (SWT) answered their question with the following verse:

‘Say: “Call upon Allah, or call upon Rahman: by whatever name ye call upon Him, (it is well): for to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names’ Surah Al-Isra (17) Verse 110.

Should I use the word ‘Allah’ or ‘God’?

I was thought to always ask the person you meet, or you are speaking with, how they pronounce their name because I want to respect them.

Plus, I am sure they would like to be called exactly the way they want you to call them in!

Allah (SWT) refers to himself, in the Holy Quran, as Allah, thus, it is good to refer to your creator, the One God, as ‘Allah’! Beside, when you do that, you are actually asserting of the uniqueness of God (Allah) because the word ‘Allah’ cannot be made into plural, or anything that would indicate a gender.

important to note:

In the Arabic Bible, you’ll never find the plural of “God” as in “Gods”, nor the feminine plural version “Goddess”.


Teaching of Islam

Know your Creator, Allah (SWT)