Month: February 2018

Sharia Law

Sharia Law

What is Shariah Law and should you be Worried? Sharia Law is not what you think it is If you believe that ‘Sharia Law‘ means terrorism, or an Islamic law that offers no human rights (especially women rights) and only teaches hatred towards people of other beliefs, then… You either got your understanding of Sharia …

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Meaning of Kafir

Meaning of Kafir

So what does “Kafir” mean? Even though “Kafir” is a word found many times and with many variations in the Quran, many understood it to mean ‘Infidel’. However, the English translation of “Kafir” is far from being correct. The meaning of Kafir The word ‘Kafir’, or ‘Koufar’ comes from the Arabic word ‘Kafara’ – Someone …

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Oppressed Women in Islam

Women In Islam

Islam and the Oppression of Women 1400 years ago, Women in Islam were granted many rights in their home and in society such as: Right to earn money Right to Financial support Right to Own properties Right to Education Right to Inheritance Right to Kind treatment Right to Vote Right to Bridal gift Right to …

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Spread of Islam

Spread of Islam

Was Islam spread by the Sword? Many will make you believe that the Spread of Islam was forced on people and if they didn’t accept Islam as a religion, they will meet a death by the sword. But this is far from the truth. How do we know that…? While it is true that there …

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Life in the Grave in Islam

Life In The Grave

With the State of Death, Comes with it Truth My chosen topic for this article is ‘Life In The Grave’ and if you want to know why, here is the reason: The Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS) recommended us to talk about Death often. ‘Abu Hurayra (RAA) reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him …

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